“Giving a massage means more to me than just pressing, kneading, and rubbing my client’s body. The massages that I provide therapeutically work with the client’s energies, with the power of a loving touch. As a bodyworker, I help people to heal themselves! I have been active as a certified bodyworker for over twenty years, now giving Thai (Yoga) massages, Swedish Classic massages, Sports massages and Indian Head massages to a variety of people. As a bodyworker, I have found my purpose in the Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage. It’s my path and instrument to share the spirit of aloha, universal love and life energy to anyone who is open to recieve it.”


My journey to my purpose as a Lomi Lomi bodyworker

The awareness
Coming home to my true self and to support others on their journey. Twenty-five years ago, my journey started on the beautiful island of Bali in Indonesia. As a young adult, I was clueless about my purpose in life. As a manager of a magnificent hotel, amidst breathtaking nature, I was quite materialistic and committed to having a career. One day, I was just sitting on a bench, staring at the lush vegetation in the valley in front of me.

A palm tree came in my line of vision. First, it was just a palm tree, just like one of the many others in the area. But at that specific moment, I was suddenly captured by the wonderful beauty of this particular tree. I want to invite you to close your eyes for a moment and visualize what’s possible while you’re sitting on a bench: open your heart completely, feel with every cell in your body that you’re here on Earth and at the same time you’re intensely aware of all the beauty around you.

Unity, peace, and love
An intense sense of unity, peace, and love flowed through my chest and filled my body. I had never experienced such intense beauty in my life before. At that moment, I saw that palm tree in its glory; its true nature, purpose, and function revealed itself. Then and there I knew that every living being on earth: human, plant, and animal is naturally “beautiful, pure and balanced,” but all kinds of factors disrupt these qualities over the years. We, as humans, listen less and less to our spirit and soulful inner-voice; instead, we follow society’s standards, principles, dogma’s, ​​and earthly knowledge.

Suddenly, something awakened in me, and a universal source of knowledge opened. The released energy felt Light. It became clear to me that I wanted to learn more about my inner strength and true nature. For a very long time, I kept my experience in Bali to myself, and wondered: What can I do with the ability to connect with this Light? Should I do something with this wisdom and knowledge that has revealed itself to me? At the same time, I felt the need to pass the Light to anyone who needs it and is open to receiving it.


The power of loving touch
My first Thai Yoga massage I gave in Nepal in 1994, after following a massage training program at Rahul Bharti in Asia. At that time, I was working as a tour leader in Nepal, and a colleague asked if I could massage one of his guests who was experiencing severe pain in her legs. The lady in question came stumbling to my room. While I was massaging her in full awareness, I connected in silence with the universal source of love that opened up to me in Bali. The energetic Light flowed through me to the massage table. I noticed that the lady was moved by it because a few tears rolled down her face. The next day, I met her in the hotel lobby and she shared with me that the pain in her legs had gone, and that she experienced no trouble walking anymore. The healing power of touch is impressive, and I’m so grateful to be in the fortunate position to give massages. It’s my way of contributing to the well-being of people. Yet, at the time, I was not ready to walk the path of an energetic bodyworker completely.



– The early years –

Live from love and passion
In 2015 the big change in my life came. My partner and I emigrated to the Spanish countryside of Andalusia and my passion to help as many people as possible with the power of loving touch bloomed. I followed several massage training courses in a variety of styles other than Thai massage, such as: sports therapy and the Swedish classic relaxation massage. But the training with my first Lomi Lomi Kumu (Hawaiian for ‘teacher’), Pauline Kealohi Trum, made a deep impression. The first Lomi Lomi workshop was golden; my fellow students and I stood in a half circle around the massage table while Pauline gave her Lomi Lomi demonstration. When she began to massage, I immediately felt a tremendous peaceful energy in the room, and in my mind a sense of ‘coming home’. I knew immediately this was my path!


True Calling
I was ready to follow my heart! After the beautiful experience with Pauline, I engaged in Lomi Lomi massage training in the Netherlands, and later,in an intensive training program in Hawaii with Kumu Wayne Kealohi Powell, who taught me the shamanic aspects of Lomi Lomi. Lomi Lomi massage is my true calling and because of this, I continue my training in order to master the various styles, techniques, and esoteric aspects.

My mission as a Lomi Lomi bodyworker is to pass on the aloha spirit, universal love, and life energy to anyone on my massage table. Today, I can still call upon the feeling of unity and love that I experienced in Bali. ‘It’ is always present, and through Lomi Lomi, I can express ‘it.’ Would you like to experience a Lomi Lomi massage? Book your appointment now. Aloha!