My name is Ricardo Balkhoven and I am a massage therapist, spiritual healer and teacher. I help people heal from physical, mental and emotional issues which may hold them back from living a fulfilled life of wholeness. By utilising a unique combination of physical touch and energetic bodywork, I can help provide relief from that stubborn back pain you’ve had for years, your recurring headaches, or perhaps a past trauma that you’re still holding onto today. Regardless of your beliefs, I feel that with an open mind and heart we can achieve greatness by working together to discover and treat the root cause of any ailments you may be experiencing. My spiritual healing work comprises mostly of Hawaiian Lomi Lomi techniques, but I cater to clients’ needs and utilise varying holistic approaches on a case-by-case basis. In addition to my healing work, I am a massage and spiritual teacher and can help you learn and grow on your own path as a healer. I am passionate about communicating to others the strength of this work and would love to provide you with private tuition, organise a class, or speak at your next event (click here to learn more). No matter what you’re searching for, join me on this journey of loving self-rediscovery so that you can live well, feel good, and grow into your potential!


Do you feel called to learn more about Lomi Lomi, energy work, or massage? I am able to provide many forms of expansive tuition and training within these areas and would love to assist you in your growth. No matter what you’re looking to discover, I believe that the basis of this work is comprised of love and compassion, which aids in facilitating a space of creativity, vulnerability, playfulness, and healing. In working with me, you will learn how to manifest these aspects in your relationship with yourself as well as others. You will also become familiar with specific techniques which will help refine your skills within the area(s) you are looking to study. Here are some examples of forms of tuition I can help you with:


Would you and your partner like to learn more about each other’s physical and spiritual beings or discover new ways to connect? Are you and a group of friends or like-minded individuals looking to further develop your skills within the realms of healing and bodywork? Whatever the group or relationship, I can provide assistance and training in a variety of areas. You are welcome to book a blissful retreat at our newly renovated and tranquil bed-and-breakfast, Villa Vital, and enjoy the peace and natural beauty of southern Spain amongst mountains abundant with fragrant olive and almond trees. Alternatively, let me come to you! I am able to travel anywhere in the world to provide my services.


I am deeply passionate about teaching others about the work I do and love providing people with tools for self-development and healing. I can speak in a variety of contexts, such as giving talks about spiritual teaching, Hawaiian healing arts and bodywork, as well as motivational speaking. It would be an honour to speak at your next event or gathering!



If you are working within or considering the field of professional massage and/or healing and wish to expand your expertise, I am here to help. I can supply you with fundamental and practical knowledge as well as strategies to help you succeed in conducting this work on a professional level whilst helping others to the best of your ability. This type of training can be conducted one-on-one or within a group at our beautiful retreat center in southern Spain, or in whichever country you may find yourself.