Meet one of the oldest and profound healing forms of bodywork. Lomi Lomi is the ceremonial and spiritual massage from Hawaii that aims to awaken the soul.
This one-day course contains an introduction to practical massage techniques. In addition, you learn important context by learning to work with Aloha (breath of life) and the HA breath and Mana (spiritual energy). You also learn some cultural and historical context of this art. There will also be time for reflection and integration. The experiences of this day will enrich you with a balance between body and mind.
This workshop is for everyone who is interested in the healing arts. No massage experience is required. If you work as a therapist you can of course integrate the learning in your practice. Lomi Lomi also called the Loving Touch or “Loving Hands” massage is a form of healing massage, expressed from the Heart.
The Lomilomi massage creates a connection from heart to heart. The depth of this work speaks through the healing touch. Physical stress, pent-up emotions, deeply felt transitions in life, or limiting beliefs and feelings can block the flow of energy, which is often reflected as muscle tension at various levels in the body. Lomi Lomi helps to release the blockades and at the same time gives the energy a new direction to a greater sense of wholeness, relaxation and liberation.
LomiLomi is not just a physical experience; it also facilitates recovery on the mental, emotional and spiritual.
The price is € 125 for a full day of training.
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